The Cast

In case you’re confused, here is a list of the regular characters in my life:

The Drama Queen                 My 12-year-old daughter A.K.A. D.Q.

The Phone Sex Operator     My girlfriend and the Love Of My Life

O.C.B.                                          Original Crazy B**** (D.Q.’s mom)

The Kings Fan                          One of my closest friends (L.A. Kings)

Hot Latin Mama                      The Kings Fan’s hot wife

G.I. Joe                                        Son of Hot Latin Mama and Kings Fan

The Period One                        My first date after becoming single

The 36-Year-Old Virgin         Someone I dated for a while.

The Bookstore Chick               A girl that Drama Queen picked up

The Actress                                 My first love.  We met in 1984

The Little Ustin                          A colleague from KLBC

Hockey Dawg                              A fellow hockey writer/broadcaster

The Dutch Chick                        A good friend from high school

The Skater Chick                       A good friend from high school

Gay Andy                                      A good friend from high school

The Evil Genius                         A friend and fellow blogger

The USC Guy                               A colleague who works at USC

Sam The Canadian                   A guy from Canada named Sam.  Duh.

The Fat Man                               A lying douche from Toronto

Wes The Sports Guy               My radio co-host for Talking Sports