Born in Nebraska and raised in Seal Beach, CA, J.R. Reed grew up watching the California Angels, Los Angeles Lakers, L.A. Kings and of course his beloved Oakland/L.A./Oakland Raiders. J.R. loved to listen to the games, but he especially enjoyed hearing Chick Hearn call the Lakers on both TV and radio.  Southern California is home to some of the all-time great voices in sports. These were/are the guys who let you know what was going on and it seemed like the coolest job on earth.  (For the record, it pretty much is!)

Too many people in journalism take things and themselves (mainly themselves) way too seriously but J.R. tries very hard not to be that guy.  He likes to think that no matter how many national magazines he adds to his resume, that he’s no better than the average Joe or Jane.
J.R. recently created the popular site Sex and the Single Dad website, where he chronicles life as a full-time single father.  It will usually make you laugh, occasionally make you want to cry and often you will ask, “what the hell was he thinking?”
J.R. currently co-hosts the  top-rated sports show in the history of KLBC 1610 in Long Beach, Talking Sports with Wes The Sports Guy & JR Reed.
In addition to his on-air duties, J.R. also produces Talking Sports and formerly produced and co-hosted the humorous show, Good Times.  He has also produced successful  live broadcasts from the Long Beach Reggae Festival and from the L.A. Convention Center for Ski Dazzle. J.R. was also honored to present the award for Best Rock Band at the 2008 OCMA ceremony.
Currently you can see his work at where he writes a bi-weekly column called JR’s Rink Rants.  He is also honored to be a frequent guest on Duck Calls, the post game radio show of the Stanley Cup Champion Anaheim Ducks hosted by Josh Brewster.
JR has also been a guest on Ridin Dirty, the DUI radio show on AM 830 KLAA in So. Cal.  Check out Ken Sharp and Heidi Foglesong and the unique show they have put together.
He first appeared in Referee magazine in August, 2002 and his first cover story (Jimmie Johnson’s first Sprint Cup victory) came out the next month in Speedway Illustrated.  Since that time, J.R. has written for more than 30 magazines and newspapers across the U.S., Canada and Europe.
J.R. is now working on his first novel which is due to be completed whenever he gets around to it.
“J.R.’s love of storytelling is evident”, said one loyal listener.  “Once you hear him, you have to listen again.  You can tell that he just loves being on the radio.”