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I am a freelance writer and a radio host who, for seven years,  has been a single dad with full custody of my now-12-year-old daughter.  I’ve been online dating for quite a while and I have had some great dates and more than my share of bad ones!  I believe that kissing is a lost art and that most guys aren’t into it because they don’t know how to do it!  I am big on romance (I love to give, but receiving ain’t too bad either) but I am still a guy, with all that entails. I have Stewie Griffin flannel pajama pants as well as a pair of Mr. Clean ones. Why did I just tell you that? I don’t know. I guess at this moment I found it to be relevant.  Thanks for checking me out and please help spread the word!



6 responses to “About The Site

  1. Dave Rose

    What the heck are Stewie Griffin flannel pajamas?

    Who wears pj’s anymore? Well, I guess on the East Coast maybe. 🙂


    • Let me try and break this down for you Dave…

      You know who Stewie Griffin is, right?

      You know what flannel is, right?

      You know what pajamas are, right?

      Put all three together and you have Stewie Griffin flannel pajamas. To answer your second question, when you have a daughter, you wear pajama pants around the house. Not necessarily to sleep in, but they are right there next to the bed so that you can wear them when you get up. It’s called “decency”.

      Thanks for the comment, bro…

      • Dave Rose

        Oh, when you live alone you can walk around the house, cook, do your laundry, even answer the door in the nude. Its very liberating, it also scares those certain people who always manage to knock on your door, when you least want to talk to them (assuming you ever want to talk to “them” and you know who I mean).

  2. I’m assuming that you don’t mean your Uncle Brian, since he lives several hours away. I can only assume you mean your mom. On that note, I am going to go and attempt to wash away the vision of you strolling around your house naked. If that doesn’t work, I have a bottle of Jack in the freezer. I can drink it away…

  3. Chris

    Your “about” section is more of a singles ad. *yawn*

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